About Us

We are a small family here at HowtoGardenLawn.com, in fact, we couldn’t afford a better website name, haha.  However, our passion about garden and lawn care is large, extending many generations.  My parents, grandparents and neighbors always meticulously maintained (and still maintain) their lawns and gardens. I suppose I got hooked after my first job when I was twelve years old mowing neighborhood lawns and then into my teens through numerous landscaping and golf course jobs.

I certainly took green grass for granted. For a short time, I lived in Kyoto and Hong Kong, and let me tell you – it’s true, absence (i.e., grass) really does make the heart grow fonder! At least they have some spectacular gardens!

Now that we have our own homes and kids, I finally understand the benefits everyone can enjoy from getting outside and enjoying lawn and garden activities with their family. Tackling garden care and landscaping projects allows my family to spend time together outdoors, relieve stress and improve wellness, get exercise, take pride in yard accomplishments, create professional curb appeal and save money doing it!

We hope you enjoy the content and learn a few how-to tips. Feel free to comment, help build a community and add insight.

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To contact us, email us at HowtoGardenLawn [at] gmail [dot] com (Replace [at] with @ and [dot] with .).

Happy gardening!