Greener grass in 7 days - easy DIY how to story from Maria

How Maria Got Greener Grass Than Her Neighbour in 7 Days

One of our readers, Maria, was kind enough to share her fertilizing success story.  After a hot summer, both Maria and her neighbor had lawns that were starting to turn yellow, thin-out and that contained a thick layer of thatch (dead grass underlay).  She was able to achieve dramatically healthier, greener grass in just one week!  Here are the materials, steps and some pictures she shared of her newly acquired green thumb after following some of’s How-To advice!


Rake, Garden Spreader, Lawn Fertilizer


  1. (Optional) Rake thatch to remove dead grass if thatch layer is too thick.  Do not remove all thatch, as some is good to retain moisture in the lawn.
  2. Fill garden spreader with fertilizer according to coverage instructions.
  3. Hold the handle of the spreader to release the fertilizer as you walk the perimeter of your lawn.
  4. Fertilize the inner area of your lawn by walking in straight lines back and forth, slightly overlapping your wheel mark with each pass (or in accordance with the spreader alignment).
  5. You should start seeing results in as little as one week, like Maria did!


Products Maria Used:

Bully Tools 92309 12-Gauge 16-Inch Bow Rake with Fiberglass Handle and 16 Steel Tines

Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader

Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food, 30-0-3

Side-By-Side Comparison Photos (Fertilizer vs. No Fertilizer):

Lawn Before Fertilizing







No Fertilizer (Left) vs. Fertilizer (Right) – 7 days
No Fertilizer (Right) vs. Fertilizer (Left) – 7 days
No Fertilizer (Far Right) vs. Fertilizer (Left) – 11 days











Lawn After Fertilizing (Close-up) – 2 Weeks







Thank you for sharing your success story and photos with us, Maria!  I’m sure you have inspired some people to start making their neighbors jealous of their green grass for very a very small investment.

Good luck, everyone!